" By outsourcing the management of our supply chain to a supply chain specialist, such as Netceed, who has a track record in managing complex supply chains throughout the world, we're able to focus on what we do best - building robust networks, consistent, reliable connections and excellent customer service."


Tom Williams, CEO of Lit Fibre

One Supplier - One Order - One Delivery

Whether you’re a network operator or contractor, the pressure is on to build and maintain networks, and install clients quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing your supply chain management requirements to us, you are free to focus on what really matters – the core activities that increase shareholder value. 


Supply Chain Management ServicesSupply Chain Management Services

Our one-stop shop supply chain management service provides guaranteed supply for your entire product requirement removing the hidden costs of inefficiency.

" Netceed have arguably the largest buying power of most of the suppliers in the UK, so they really are the one stop shop for products."

Phil Soumakis, Head of Procurement at Connect Fibre

Build Resilience in your Supply Chain & Network
Rollout with Netceed

Our team can work with all your stakeholders – technical, procurement, operations, finance – to understand your
business and your pain points. Then we propose solutions, selecting the most relevant of our supply chain
management services, and work with you to integrate these into your organisation.

Product Range
Our huge portfolio of FTTx products ensures customers can purchase everything they need from us.

Product Design
We can design and produce client specific products.

Product Innovation
Our technical product management team supports the products we sell, and looks for new solutions across all of our vendors.

Forecasting & Inventory Management
We are experts in planning the supply chain to ensure that we have stock in the UK to support fluctuating customer demand.

Stock Holding
We hold £20m of stock in the UK guaranteeing continuity and ensuring clients meet their network build and installation target objectives.

Value Added, Flexible Solutions
We can create a solution that meets the objective of each clients. Often these are different depending on the evolution of each client.